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Clean & Green

We clean with eco-friendly products wherever and whenever possible...it's not just marketing hype, it's the right thing to do.


Our company's success hasn't come from having a large number of clients but rather the excellence of both the quality and service we've provided the clients we have. We're a "hands on" company. Myself, managers, associates—everybody on the team is responsible and accountable for Chayce's integrity and success, not just an invisible number of investors or policy makers.

The size of the job isn't important to us—client satisfaction is. We take genuine pride in any project, whether it's the occasional cleaning service or daily heavy-duty cleaning. Our principals actively manage the business, and our track record of client satisfaction reflects their commitment. Our associates are fully bonded and insured and bring a wealth of industry experience to what they do.

We like to think that we don't simply provide a high quality cleaning service, but we build solid relationships with our clientele. We're known for our reliability and attention to detail, and our clients trust us to consistently provide tremendous value for their janitorial budgets.

Our business continues to grow, I'm proud to say more from referrals than anything else. So please, take a look around the site and contact me with any questions you have. You'll talk directly to me, not some answering service. If you have to leave a message I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can . . . that usually means within a few minutes.

Thanks again for considering us, and I look forward to talking with you soon!

Rosa Nicklaus
Chayce Critical Facilities Cleaning, LLC