"Chayce Critical Facilities Cleaning has been servicing our maintenance needs for approximately 4 years. They have been extremely reliable and efficient, and consistently replenish our supplies in a timely manner. In addition, the employees are polite and courteous. This company is highly recommended."​


Terry A. Nenaber

President = LinkSat America (www.linksat.com)

Your facilities, your kind of clean.

Chayce Critical Facilities Cleaning LLC is a bonded, insured, and experienced cleaning company devoted to meeting any or all of your professional cleaning and janitorial needs.

Your facility needs may not always fit neatly into a 9-to-5 schedule, so we provide our clients with flexibility, having staff available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to handle any needs you may have, planned or accidental. We can maintain your premises and data centers above industry standards and in accordance with ISO Standard 14644.

​In addition we also provide the cleaning equipment and consumable supplies required for all our standard, recycling, and green cleaning services. Our associates are professional, uniformed, and all have passed security background checks.

Their Words, Not Ours

When considering a cleaning company the absolute bottom line is you want your facility clean, and done so consistently.
​ It's really that simple. But there's another element that goes unspoken but is of paramount importance: Trust. Clients must have complete trust in the company they hire to clean.

​Trust, like respect, should always be earned. We are immeasurably proud of the reputation we have with our clients, some of whom we've worked with for over a decade. Here's what some of them have to say about us:

About Us

"Our company has used various cleaning services over the years and has not had any better than Chayce. Our cleaning requirements for our manufacturing  area are stringent. Our process requires we adhere to very rigorous cleaning routines. Chayce has always  been able to deliver exactly what we need in a cost effective manner. We've used different vendors at our locations outside of Arizona and have not had the success we have had with Chayce.

Our requirements for our office and common area are no different than most Companies. Chayce has maintained our offices in an excellent fashion. We view the Chayce employees as an integral part of our team and look forward to many more years with them."

Barbara Freund


​         Oregon • Arizona • Utah • Texas • North Carolina • Ohio • Georgia • Alabama  • Nebraska

"Style is an option, clean is not."

Not everyone agrees on style, clearly a matter of individual taste; rare is the individual who doesn't appreciate 'clean.' Not everyones cleaning needs are the same, but we can all agree that clean is good.


We started small, cleaning individual homes and small businesses. Our client list now includes large tech companies but our commitment to the simple premise of 'clean' remains our core strength.