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Critical Data Environment Cleaning

It's a good bet that if you're looking at this section you are, in some manner, involved with data center operations, either directly or indirectly. You are profoundly aware that your data center/server room is the heart of your organization's mission-critical infrastructure. Downtime caused by particulate matter can be costly.

Chayce provides plenum and subfloor tile cleaning services in addition to its standard service

offerings. Critical data environments should be cleaned regularly to prevent potential damage

to cables and hardware due to particulate intrusion. Regular cleaning of raised floors and

plenums can be less expensive, in many cases, than dealing with downtime caused by built up


As part of our Critical Data Environment Cleaning we:

  • Remove only a few tiles at a time to prevent large air pressure changes in the plenum                       underneath.
  • Vacuum the area under the tiles with equipment using HEPA filtration.
  • Clean all tiles and apply an anti-static solution to the surface.
  • Will clean any or all cabinets, racks, or chassis as per your requirements.
  • Clean lighting fixtures per your requirements.

​​We perform these cleanings in compliance with ISO Standard 14644.

All cleaning in critical data areas is performed with lint-free microfiber cloths. Our associates

are experienced and highly aware of the fiscal risks inherent in such mission critical areas.

We can also provide reports to you based on specific criteria you may need, such as particulate counts before and after cleaning, incident reports, areas cleaned, etc.

Whether large data centers, server farms, or clean room environments, we'd be happy to provide you with a free estimate and discuss any other needs you may have!